Volumetric auger doser
for powder/flour

This device is used to dose dusty products, even micronized, with a constant density (flours, sugar, cocoa, starch, fertilizers, catalyst, etc.) for a wide range of bags (from 100g/ 0,5 liter up to 30kg/100 liter). All of the dosing steps are adjustable; this feature, together with the servo driven auger and the constant product mixing by an independent agitator, results in a uniform and precise product dosing, thus the bags will have a constant volume of product filled. Several auger dosing unit configurations are available, optimized for each sector of use and/or product to pack. Whenever there is a need to pack variable density products, the dosing unit can be equipped with an ambedded additional weighing device DC DP. Need more info? Contact us!

technical specifications

Max. bag footprint410xh.750 mm.
Max. film width870 mm.
Max. bag volume25 Lt.
Water consumpition2 Lt./min.
Payload2800 kg.
Power installed10 kW
Voltage400 V
Compressed air consumption600 NL/min a 6/8 bar