VFFS packing machine
for medium bags
[impulse sealing]

VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) packing machine suitable to produce medium bags, with weights from 1kg grams up to 10kg and up to 20 liters of volume. Are you struggling to pack several kind of products, with a huge variety of weights and dimensions? That’s easy for us! To provide full answer to this question, VAI has introduced the V5/10 bagging machine; giving its high flexibility and customization level, it lets you manage even micro-batching productions. To complete your machine configuration, you can select upon different dosing/weighing systems, depending on how you want to realize your packaging products. Need more info? Contact us!

technical specifications

Max. bag footprint410xh.750 mm.
Max. film width870 mm.
Max. bag volume25 Lt.
Water consumpition2 Lt./min.
Payload2800 kg.
Power installed10 kW
Voltage400 V
Compressed air consumption600 NL/min @ 6/8 bar