Linear feeders weighing unit
for granular products with low dust content

This device is used to weigh granular products with low dust content (snacks, fragile products, pet food, pasta, powder detergents, etc.) for bags of small/medium sizes (from 100g/0,5 liter up to 10kg/30 liter). The product is dosed using a set of linear vibrating feeders, in cascade and/or parallel configurations. Each configuration is customized for the client. Each vibrating feeder oscillating frequency can be adjusted separately (via HMI) to obtain the maximum flow and product segmentation effect. The accuracy is made as high as possible since all the dosing parameters are managed by a dedicated weighing module, embedded in our system. The design is made to be modular, in order to add more devices together if more speed is required, without sacrificing the weighing accuracy. All of the weighers are master-controlled using the same PLC; this applies also if a VAI packaging machine is added, in this way the optimal cycle timings are reached. Need more info? Contact us!