Gravity weighing unit
for granular products, low dust content

This device is used to weigh granular products with low dust content and constant density (cereals, plastic granules, olive kernels, etc.) for bags of medium/large sizes (from 10kg/30liter up to 25kg/50 liter). The product-loading hopper is directly connected to the weighing bin through an automatic floodgate with variable aperture, managed by a dedicated weighing module. The resulting weigher configuration is very simple; in this way the device functionality reaches its fullest, while being flexible to adapt to different kind of products. The weigher is master-controlled using the same PLC; this applies also if a VAI packaging machine is added, in this way the optimal cycle timings are reached. Need more info? Contact us!

technical specifications

Max. bag footprint500xh.1000 mm.
Max. film width1050 mm.
Max. bag volume50 Lt
Capacityup to 1100 bags/hour
Power installed10 Kw
Voltage400V 3F+N+PE
Pneumatic consumption650 NL/1’ @ 6 bar
Water consumpition2lt/min