Dual feeding horizontal screw weighing unit
for low granularity dusty products

This device is used to weigh dusty products with low granulometry (premix, additives, cements, etc.) for bags of variable sizes (from 5kg/ 10liter up to 25kg/50 liter). The product feeding is managed through a dual horizontal augers, both under VSDs (Variable Speed Drives); each one of them transports a fraction of the whole feeding cycle (coarse – fine feeding), which is controlled through a dedicated weighing module, embedded in the machine. The overall system is dimensioned to match the weights and production rates, while maintaining the cleaning process as fast as possible for a rapid product changeover. For micronized products, we reccomend the use of dedicated devices such as the DC 02 vertical auger doser or DC DP vertical auger weigher. Need more info? Contact us