Vai srl: Since 1975
a successful story.

Companies are not founded by chance. Even less chance is left for companies that can maintain their industrial leadership for decades. With over 40 years of company history, VAI has successfully won over the different challenges that come up on a continually growing company.

1975: V.A.I.(Veneta Automazioni Industriali “Veneta Industrial Machines”) is founded Castelfranco, Veneto (TV, Treviso) by a group of five partners.

1976: The production demands led to the necessity of finding new personnel to form the first organic center of the company.

1986: Eugenio Toso becomes the owner, after the departure of the other partners (1979-1986).

1990: From the nineties there is a constant increase in terms of number of machines, arriving up to 50 machines per year. The number of employees is increased to 10.

1995: The company made long-term investments for machinery and introduced computerisation.

1998: New premises are built because of the increase in product demand.

2000: The first vacuum automatic machines are produced and sold.

2004: Auger fillers and electronic weighing unit are started to be built directly in order to enhance precision and speed even with dusty products.

2008: Despite the beginning of the economical crisis, VAI decides to invests in R&D, developing new successful prototypes and empowering the technological content of the machines.

2009: Mass production of packaging machines for liquid detergent microdoses.

2011: VAI strikes California Gold with 10 baggers in California marketplace.

2016: The market demands for more vacuum machines, VAI further develops its solutions, providing more performing and compact machines.

2019: VAI founded TECNOVENETA, a new mechanical division, aiming to be independent and more flexible within the product manufacturing.

2020: Despite the difficulties faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, VAI surpasses the 45 years of working activity with full sanitary compliances, while presenting new vacuum models on the market.