Gravity weighers

The product introduced to the scales is kept constantly level inside the loading hopper. The required weight is obtained in two phases:

  • BULK LOADING: by opening a blocking shutter, the product is fed into a container connected to the load cells, which determine the weight. It is in this phase that 90% of the required weight is obtained. At the end of the bulk loading phase the shutter closes.
  • FILLING UP: the shutter re-opens leaving only a narrow opening, sufficient enough to make up the weight to that required. In order to provide improved balance, the whole container is connected to a system of steel anti-flexion balancing bars which are reinforced by brass blocks. Once the final weight has been achieved, the container is emptied by the electro-pneumatic opening system.

The product is then directed into a container connected to the load cell which calculates the weight by means of a microprocessor with the following characteristics:

  • Weight viewable on an alphanumeric display, integrated with the display of the packing machine;
  • Electronic card for modular weighing type SIWAREX U SIEMENS connected to the PLC of the machine;
  • Programming and inputting of weight carried out by digital keyboard;
  • Programmable self-tare calculation;
  • Automatic control of product flow;
  • Memorisation of the best cycle data;
  • Guarantees that no package is underweight.


  • The main moving parts of the machine are pneumatic, very reliable and resistant to work cycles which frequently stop and start.
  • The parts which are in contact with the product, and the screws are made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • The scales have a product level sensor in order to control the accumulation of the product in the loading hopper and to avoid partially filled bags being produced.
  • The load cells are made of stainless steel (HBM) and are protected against possible damages by a stainless steel box.
  • The control functions are integrated into a single operating panel in order to guarantee maximum efficiency. 

Gravity weighers

Electronic scales with load cells.

    Automatic gravity weigher for free flowing products equipped with load cells.
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