Belt weighers

Electronic scales for net weight composed of:

  • Belt for bulk loading and filling up conduit, which make up the product weight to that required.
  • Supporting structure edged in steel and complete with opening side panels for inspection.
  • Product loading hopper made of folded stainless steel, complete with pneumatic cylinder to open the lower hatches, controlled by a magnetic sensor which signals the correct closure of the product emptying hatch before starting a new weighing cycle.
  • Water tight IP 67 load cells type HBM, model Z6FC3 (which have a classification of precision of 3000 divisions), are fixed directly onto the suitable container.
  • TOUCH SCREEN keyboard for inputting and programming all the weighing data (PROGRAMMING, CALIBRATION, MEMORISATION OF PRODUCTS etc.)

The scales have the following functions:

  • Name of product to be packaged.  
  • Input value of BULK LOADING.
  • Input minimum time for FILLING UP.
  • Auto control of the product flow conduit with automatic regulation of the subsequent weight.
  • Automatic optimisation of the weighing phase with automatic search for the highest speed of precision weighing within the tolerated limits. 
  • Programmable self-tare calculation.
  • Input number of times weighing process is to be carried out.
  • Total number of bags produced and number of bags weighed within weight limit viewable on display.
  • TOTAL number of bags weighed viewable on display.
  • Possibility to interface scales with an external PC, serial line RS 485.

Belt weighers

Electronic scales with load cells

    Electronic net weight machine for granular products equipped with load cells and belt. Suitable for heavy weights.
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