Used and revised vertical packaging machine starting from individual flat bobbin.

Vertical packaging machine mod. V5/10 with impulse-action sealing, designed for the realisation of plastic bags formed from bobbin film, and which employs thermo-sealing materials, including Polyethylene.

Maximum strip dimension: 870 mm.

Maximum bag dimension: 410x750 mm.

The V5/10 possesses:

  • Mechanism for the control of the temperatures of the sealing clamps by way of circuit and self-governing electric panel.
  • Special sealing clamps used for sealing the polyethylene by a current impulse, controlled by above-mentioned mechanism.
  • Display of functions control (LCD).
  • Memorisation of parameters for the various products.
  • PLC SIEMENS for the directing of the various functions and programmed operations.
  • Diagnostic tests against function anomalies.
  • Activation of vertical sealing case by pneumatic action, separated from other machine actions.
  • Intervention of cutting knife within the transversal clamps, by means of a pneumatic mechanism.
  • Movement of the plastic film by way of motor-reducer, directed by the PLC.
  • Forming tube
  • Dragging of film by rods, actioned by a motor-reducer commanded by the PLC.
  • Control of the closing of each independent clamp so as to guarantee perfect handling of the bags, and maintain constant homogeneous temperatures.
  • Accident-prevention measures in accordance with CE standards.


Technical characteristics:

Installed power potential: 10 Kw.

Compressed air consumption: NL 550 min.

Water consumption: 2 lt./min.

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