Packaging machines for animal food products

Automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines for animal food products such as pet food in granules and in powder.


Suitable for producing bags from single, flat sheet spools. Available in two versions:

a) version which seals the bag using an electronic impulse, suitable for polythene material with both sides glued.

b) version which seals the bag by means of a heated bar, suitable for doubled-up material with one side glued.


The machine essentially consists of the following elements:

  1. Steel work supporting structure (type Fe 37) 3 mm. thickness
  2. Main movement of highly reliable pneumatic type.
  3. Parts in contact with the product, nuts and bolts made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  4. Parts painted with epoxy paint: according to the following cycle: de-greasing treatment with solvents or hot water at 120°, drying, crack filling using a sealant or polyester filler, filler sanding, application of epoxy base coating of 60 micron, application of two coats of polyurethane based pained with shiny bi-component RAL 1015 with a 70 micron thick finish, drying or oven baking at 60°
  5. Other parts chemically chromed
  6. Reel-carrier device, with manually adjustable carriage independent from the machine, assembled on bearings.
  7. Motorized reel-unwired set controlled by inductive sensor (Siemens proximity) connected to the machine PLC.
  8. Internal film passage unit with chromed steel rollers for regular reel unwinding.
  9. Bag forming tube made of stainless steel and parts made of anodised aluminium which can be easily removed for cleaning or format change.
  10. Pneumatic-movement longitudinal sealing bar separated from the machine cycle and directly controlled from the operator’s panel.
  11. Transversal welding bars with independent pneumatic movement with lever elements capable of ensuring maximum reliability and force thanks to the horizontal positioning of the levers (infinite power) in a closed gripper position.
  12. Encoder (Hohner) to determine the bag length.
  13. The cutting blade positioned on the transversal jaws, is easily replaceable for maintenance purposes.
  14. Welding check on each single jaw in order to ensure the perfect sealing potential of the bag, while keeping the temperature constantly even.
  15. Temperature display on each individual sealing bar directly at the front of the electric panel
  16. Air blown weld cooling to speed up the melted film solidification process.
  17. Film pulling belts of LINATEX 300H200 type, directly in the forming tube, controlled by a gear motor, commanded by a PLC.
  18. Pneumatic panel complete with solenoid valves.
  19. Cabinet type electric control panel (integrated inside the machine) complete with controlling SIEMENS  PLC that monitors the various functions and programmes set.
  20. LCD operator interface display for the display and diagnostics of functional problems. Membrane keyboard for work parameter setting or modification.

Packaging machines for animal food products

Range of machines for weighing and packaging animal food products such as pet food, food for livestock etc.
  • VERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE MOD. VN/87 from 50 gs to 1 Kgs

    Automatic bagger machine mod. VN/87, suitable for the production of plastic film bags, starting from individual flat sheet.
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  • VERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE MOD. V5/10 from 1 to up 10 Kgs

    Automatic bagger V5/10 MOD. suittable for pet food in thermoplastic bags.
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    Automatic bagger machine mod. V5/10 SPECIAL, suitable for the production of plastic film bags, starting from individual flat sheet.
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