Packaging machine for building products

Automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines for building products in bags from 1 kg to 25 Kg, such as: sand aggregate, cement, lava granules, plaster in powder form etc.


The automatic packaging machine is composed of:

  • SPOOL HOLDER PARTS: motorised film unrolling allows constant and regular unrolling.
  • SPOOL PERFORATOR PARTS: wheel with perforating pins to produce micro holes in the bag, which allows air to leave the bag once filled. This part can be included or excluded by the machine’s operator.
  • BAG FORMING TUBE: built in stainless steel 304, it forms the film into a bag for the product. The cycle finishes with the vertical gluing bar, which closes the two extremities of the formed bag. A pair of dragging belts, positioned on the sides of the bag forming tube, guarantee perfect linearity of the bag by means of a system of compensatory alignment on the surface of the bag forming tube. The tube is equipped with an aspirator for recovering the powder produced in the un-loading phase.
  • GLUING PARTS: composed of two horizontal gluing bars which simultaneously close the bottom and the top of the bag, and a cutter, positioned between the two gluing bars which cuts and separates the filled up bag and prepares the tube to receive more product for a new bag. Once this operation is complete, the machine moves the bag down by the pre-set distance after which a new bag is created. All of the gluing of the bag is carried out by the system of electronic impulse gluing bars. The process happens by means of the rapid emission of an electronic impulse from the gluing bars, which produces heat. In order to disperse this heat, the machine is equipped with a cooling system composed of a water re-circulatory circuit. The water is cooled down in a winding tube by means of a cooling tank, which guarantees a constant fall in temperature.
  • PNEUMATIC PARTS FOR SETTLING THE PRODUCT: composed of a support disk underneath the bag, which vibrates the product inside the bag and facilitates the homogenous mixing and settling of the contents.
  • ELECTRIC CONTROL PANEL: all the machine’s functions are controlled by a PLC connected to the touch screen operating panel, through which it is possible to program and modify the work parameters. It is equipped with a diagnostic system with a visual warning of any occurring faults, (“machine alarm”) written directly on the operating display.

Packaging machine for building products

Range of weighing and packaging machines for products of the building trade such as powders, cement, aggregates, lava granules etc.

    Automatic bagger machine mod. MB, suitable for the production of plastic film bags, starting from individual flat sheet.
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  • VERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE MOD. V5/10 from 1 to 10 Kgs

    Automatic bagger machine mod. V5/10, suitable for the production of plastic film bags, starting from individual flat sheet.
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