Belt dosers

The dosage machine in a simple and duty design, is realised in a structure of steel section (frame in carbon steel type Fe 37 – thickness 3 mm.) that have been treated with food-grade epoxy.
It is built with high quality components for easy and low maintenance for continuous operation 24 hours/day, 365 days/year under tough industrial working conditions.

The product is fed into the doser and maintained at a constant level as it enters the loading chute from which it is then passed into a conveyor belt. The dosage occurs by way of a belt system, with which the dosage length is measured. Finally, by way of the loading chute the product is sent directly to the bottom of the sack. 

Volumetric Filler specification:

  • Vertically adjustable leveling device for maximum production rate.
  • High efficiency product level detectors to control product accumulation in the hopper and to prevent partially filled bags
  • Heavy duty pneumatic clutch-brake designed to provide heatless high frequency start-stop sequences
  • Control integrated into the automatic bagger control panel to allow optimum efficiency.
  • Adjustable hopper filing time to allow optimization of the feeding system according to production rate.
  • Scraper under the belt conveyor for a clean and virtually dust-free operation.
  • Polished stainless steel AISI 304 walls to prevent bridging or sticking in the hopper.
  • Heavy Duty Belt (dim. 600x3600xthickness 4 mm).
  • 3 motorized axles breaking the product and facilitating the flowing through the final gate
  • Dust Collecting Ports (located at the top and the front of the feeder)
  • Watertight construction suitable for running sand

Belt dosers

Volumetric belt doser

    Simple and duty design dosage machine, realised in a structure of steel section that have been treated with food-grade epoxy.
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