2010-06-18 - "PAPER SINGS"

 Innovation in packaging paper

A totally Made in ITALY technology and know-how that will revolutionize packing systems. Thanks to the new patented technology it is possible at last to pack with Form Fill Seal machines by using paper reels and combine therefore the easiness of working of a vertical forming machine at 3 solders. In such a way it is possible  to pack all the products that need a packaging in paper for shelf life, marketing or other technical reasons.

The obtained pack can be used in the food (flour, sugar, salt, special ranges of pasta or biscuits) and non food sector (pellet, cement, mortars, petfood, coal, feedstuffs, seeds). The packs can be printed up to 8 colours and are available in different size from 0,5 or 1 Kg up to the big sizes of 30 Kg. Furthermore it is possible to produce packs with double square bottom or apply handles for a more confortable transport.

Our product is Biodegradable and Recyclable, combining the respect of environment with the saving of time, money and taxation.

After 2 years of researches V.A.I has found a solution to solder paper without the employment of polyethylene as support.

Patented system

2010/02/24 - VAI Packaging and social/charity work

VAI Packaging is involved in supporting the social project I Bambini Delle Fate “The Children of the Fairies”. For more information visit