V.A.I. s.r.l. (Veneta Automazioni Industriali "Venetia Industrial Machines") is based in Castelfranco, Venetia (TV, Treviso) and constructs packaging machines.

The company was established in 1975 by a group of five partners, all of whom had just left PAVAN s.p.a. of Galliera Venetia, which produced pasta making and packaging machines. The combination of their interests, their experience and their desire to construct a complete range of packaging machines is at the very heart of their enterprise. The following year, two of the partners left the company, which led to the necessity of finding new personnel to form the organic centre of the company.

From 1986, the owner has been Eugenio Toso, after the departure of the other partners (1979-1986).

The growth of the company has always been consistent. The best turnover has been since the nineties, since which 50 machines a year have been produced. The number of employees is fixed at about 10, without including the outsourced workers who are occasionally called in when extra production is necessary.

VAI holds complete control over the planning process, which is overseen by four people, including the owner. The company uses a network of around 260 suppliers, of which 15 are key suppliers. They are all contracted to VAI to provide 20% of their production volume and therefore there is no exclusivity. A model of production which already existed in the Venetia region in the low-technology manufacturing sector (footwear, clothing) has been applied even to the medium/high-technology manufacturing sector.

In 1995, the company made some long-term investments for machinery, introduced computerisation and bought new premises all because of the increase in product demand.

The actual headquarters is in Via Staizza, in the commercial area of Castelfranco in Venetia. The number of employees in 2010 is 24 and the management of the company has now also been entrusted to Antonio Toso, the son of Eugenio Toso.

Eugenio ed Antonio Toso